PHC on Ubuntu 9.04

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Re: PHC on Ubuntu 9.04

Post by n3Cre0 » Sat 19. Sep 2009, 12:30

I got a problem for several weeks now and since noone else apparently suffers from it, I'll post/ask it.

I had been using the undervolt kernel from for several months without a problem. On one day (forgot what date) Ubuntu released another generic kernel image
# uname -r
which got automatically installed here. :(
Naturally I want to get linux - 2.6.28-15.50~undervolt2 back.

But how do I go about this? How do I get rid of my current "2.6.28-15-generic" and install the PHC-PPA kernel? Furthermore how can I blacklist all other (official ubuntu) kernel updates?

Thanks in advance :)

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Re: PHC on Ubuntu 9.04

Post by PowerPaul86 » Tue 6. Oct 2009, 08:54


You can change the default kernel entry in your grub menu.lst file

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Look at the end of the file and count the entries starting from the top with 0 down to the kernel you want to boot.

Then change the default number at the top at the file

Code: Select all

default         2
if you are unsure if you got the correct number just post your kernel entries here and i will help you.

Unfortunately i don't know how you can blacklist further kernel updates.

Asim Jofa
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Re: PHC on Ubuntu 9.04

Post by Asim Jofa » Fri 7. Oct 2011, 13:07

I doubt, because they did it because someone had heard that you can boot your Linux boot faster drivers are compiled in. .. However, it is true only modules are launched, including the SATA drivers, file systems, HCI and USB drivers. All parameters of drivers are beginning to start, so there is no need to slow everything down

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