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Post by the-fallen » Sat 12. Jul 2008, 11:59

PHCTool2 currently is in developement.

The first versions of PHCTool just grow more or less based on the very first code I wrote for PHCTool it became more and more difficult to adapt PHCTool to future developements of linux-PHC (AMD Patch compatibility for example).

The next version will use complete new written code and (thats the best I hope) is capable of loading Plugins. So we will be able to extend PHCTool with functions without changing the base code. Also you as the user will be able to select which functions you like to have and which not.

Also everyone of you is able to create own plugins without the need to change the complete base code.

Jul 13th '08:
Fully working draft of codebase and pluginloader complete.
Now working on the first Plugin as reference-plugin and example for other developers.
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