PHC start-script / daemon in developement

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PHC start-script / daemon in developement

Post by the-fallen » Mon 28. Jul 2008, 16:07

It will take a while until PHCTool2 can be released, but currently I put all my time in writing a daemon/start script that sets your values when your system starts and every time you wish it to do.

PHCTool2 will probably base on this daemon.

The goal is to create a unified daemon for every distribution, flexible enough to meet all requirements.

Current status:

start script completed in python
This script read values from a user file, check if the values are correct, compare them with the original values and set the new ones. A verbose debug mode enables the user to get informed about problems while processing. The user get informed if his values do not fit.

Next step is do daemonize the script. A test-Version will be released when daemonizing is completed.

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