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Re: Attempting to use with 3.11

Posted: Fri 18. Oct 2013, 17:17
by DavidG
You're absolutely right, my wrong... :oops: I will fix this in the final version. :?

Re: Attempting to use with 3.11

Posted: Mon 9. Dec 2013, 06:50
by ibidem
Good news: No changes needed for 3.13 (at least through -rc3, and things _should_ be quieting down now.)

What needs to happen before release?

FYI, though, there's a new API available:
This patch implements the new light weight prototype for target_index() routine
It looks like this:

int target_index(struct cpufreq_policy *policy, unsigned int index);

CPUFreq core will call cpufreq_frequency_table_target() before calling this
routine and pass index to it. Because CPUFreq core now requires to call routines
present in freq_table.c CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_TABLE must be enabled all the time.

This also marks target() interface as deprecated. So, that new drivers avoid
using it. And Documentation is updated accordingly.

It also converts existing .target() to newly defined light weight
.target_index() routine for many driver.
See commit 9c0ebcf78fd.
So it should be changing in a few kernel releases, but I'm thinking that a final release that builds with current kernels would be nice.

Re: Attempting to use with 3.11

Posted: Tue 10. Dec 2013, 00:03
by DavidG
Thanks for looking into it. I intended to release a final version based on the last beta but with the kernel version check fixed. However because of personal circumstances I haven't been able to work on it the last couple of months at all. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it between the holidays... I intend to push both my modified kernel and phc-k8 out-of-tree code into gitorious, so it will be easier to collaborate.

Re: Attempting to use with 3.11

Posted: Sat 28. Dec 2013, 00:16
by DavidG
At last I found time to release a newer version! AFAIK even the latest 3.13rc5 should be supported... (Just don't forget to run "make prepare" to update the kernel version header file.) Please report any problems! And thanks for all your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!