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What Vids + What to do with Intel Core i5 540 ?

Posted: Thu 11. Nov 2010, 14:51
by starfly

ive got a new notebook, and hell it works ^^!

---> My problem now, the Kernel from the Phc archives are installed, the intel-phc files are installed to, but i dont know what to do now !

Ive done all that with the Ubuntu 10.10 Howto with 35er Kernel.

I want to know the Vids i can use, and how to set them. The Script
undervolts my Notebook to 700mv, and standart Vids are : 9 8 7 6 5
So Phc kernel is running, and phc seems to work.

So, how to undervolt now ? Where to set it for my 5 Cores ( Thats the step i dont unterstand )
and how to make it "useable"?