Any Way to Currently Install Intel-0.4??

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Any Way to Currently Install Intel-0.4??

Post by mbsullivan » Mon 20. Sep 2010, 23:36

Hello everybody,

Is there any PHC release for Intel which incorporates the 0.4 changes ("This release will contain the ability to alter FIDs and add/remove them from list as well as handling the new Bits.")? An unstable version would be fine.

I tried installing test-release-0.3.199-3.tar.bz2, since it's underneath the heading "phc-intel-0.4" on the releases page, however --availfids still errors out with:

"Your PHC Version is < 0.4 - the available_fids interface is not supported"

So, (1) is test-release-0.3.199-3 part of phc-intel-0.4, and if so, is there the ability to add new FIDs?


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