[SOLVED] "make install" Installs No Files (modul not found)

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[SOLVED] "make install" Installs No Files (modul not found)

Post by banker247 » Tue 8. Jun 2010, 23:25

DonSilver ( K_O-Gnom) - from the team has developed a solution to a proplem which some of us are having... I met him in the IRC channal - #linux-phc he did a quick little troubleshoot and walked me through - in just a short few moments he identified the problem and guided me towards a solution - here it is!

Ok heres what we did to fix the unable to load phc problem..
first we noticed that it was being copied from the make file to the folder

we copied that file /lib/modules/ to 2.6.32-22.generic-phc which is the kernel I am running (copy to the kernal you are running) { you can get your kernel version with -uname -r }

then you run depmod <uname -r output> -a
unload the acpi_cpufreq mod
load the phc-intel mod

check your /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ folder for the phc files - if they are there everything worked properly...

again the problem we seem to have identified is in how the make file installs on certain systems and the actual mod files not being installed properly nor told to be installed.

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Re: [SOLVED] PHC Patch Installs No Files

Post by aar3Angahqueiquibohc » Thu 10. Jun 2010, 19:50

the problem here is that the make install process uses a different kernel version for installing the modul.
i don't know why that happens (its should be the same as the make process uses).
so look in the output of the make process and if there is the right kernel version written you can copy the module as mentioned above.

if not :!: you've got a different problem and should not copy the module to your current kernels module directory.

if you're not sure if your problem is this problem just ask and we'll figure it out.

regards Gnom
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