FC13 2.6.33 phc-intel-0.3.2-11 -

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FC13 2.6.33 phc-intel-0.3.2-11 -

Post by the_G_from_g » Sun 30. May 2010, 12:40

Hi there,

I make use of your great phc tool since quite some time with Fedora 11 and 12 - always with great success!
Since I updated to Fedora13 using kernel 2.6.33 I'm forced to do a new patch which I can't "make".

I'm stuck in the very beginning already...

make prepare.sh
make: Nothing to be done for `prepare.sh'.

My /lib/modules/ contents only the manually added line:
#define UTS_RELEASE ""
which is an output from "uname -r".

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: FC13 2.6.33 phc-intel-0.3.2-11 -

Post by mitramai » Mon 31. May 2010, 15:21

I don't have any problem with undervolting the latest kernel with the phc-intel-0.3.2-11-patch. I undervolted the latest kernel ( and the one you're using.

My laptop is not that stable though, as it was with fc12. It hangs sometimes, and I'll have to restart.

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Re: FC13 2.6.33 phc-intel-0.3.2-11 -

Post by the-fallen » Sun 6. Jun 2010, 10:47

I hope this problem is already fixed? Sorry for not answering in time...

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