phc_controls changes

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phc_controls changes

Post by mkin » Thu 28. Aug 2008, 23:54

Hi, I installed the phc.patch. So far there are no problems.
Just wenn I try to change the VID values, the values won't be accepted.

11:35 8:25 6:18
11:34 8:24 6:17
sudo emacs phc_controls
Leads to
IO error writing /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_controls: Invalid argument

,when I try to save.
Even though the Values seem to change if I repeat this 2 times. they keep to be unchangend after a restart.

core2 7500
ubuntu 8.0.4 (2.6.24 kernel)

Thx for every help and ofcourse phc.

Ps.: I will try the PHCtool the next days.

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Re: phc_controls changes

Post by DavidG » Fri 29. Aug 2008, 14:18

Like most sysfs "files" phc_controls is very sensitive to syntax. Did you end with a newline? (AFAIK, this is defined as required for sysfs file writing). Best is probably to just use:
echo "11:34 8:24 6:17" |sudo tee phc_controls

By the way, these settings are never saved after a restart, you always have to reinitialize this (phc modules don't save their state, and bios and driver alway (re)initialize to predefined states).

Hmmm, "sudo emacs"... Have you already tried using vi instead? Maybe that helps. ;)
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