PHC with Ubuntu 10.04. Help!

If you have trouble with PHC you can ask and hope for help here.
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PHC with Ubuntu 10.04. Help!

Post by SugarySnack » Sat 8. May 2010, 23:07

I am new to linux (and therefore, new to this PHC business), and I have been trying with no avail to undervolt my laptop! It has a t5500 and I don't like how hot it runs. Can anyone help with getting PHC to work in Ubuntu 10.04? There are no good How-to pages that are up to date. The most recent was 9.04. Thanks!

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Re: PHC with Ubuntu 10.04. Help!

Post by the-fallen » Sun 6. Jun 2010, 10:56

Heya. Yes, our Howto's are a bit out of date.

Basically you need three things on ubuntu:

- a Kernel where acpi-cpufreq is not build in but available as module
- our patch
- build tools (compiler, make, etc) - you can use the meta-package build-essentials

Unfortunately Ubuntu decided to compile the cpufreq driver into the kernel so save half a microsecond on startup. But we need to replace it with our patched one. Thats why you need another kernel.

You can either make your own or use one out of the PPA. How to get them from PPA can be read in the ppa-Thread unter "downloads".

Then you need our package, unzip it to somewhere and compile the module (read the included readme of the package - I rewrite them at the moment so there will be updated ones in the next package)

then just install it. How is also described in the readme. Everything should be simple.

I hope this will help you. IF you have any further questions just ask.

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