AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 Help

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Re: AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 Help

Post by mobad » Tue 1. Sep 2009, 02:35

Wow... it was that simple...
Works great now!

Went from "8:22 0:22" to "8:27 4:32 0:38".
Max temp went from 62 to 57 and normal temperature from 53 to 46.

Ran two instances of "mprime -t" and increased the VID every 5 min until it crashed on each FID then took away two from the VID it crashed at so it _should_ be stable.

Fans are running slower/quieter too!

Is it only for my processor that the VID is backwards, or is it for all AMD processors? If it is for all AMD there should be something, somewhere that says it is backwards.

Thanks for all the help!

EDIT: Also isn't the AMD phc_k8 driver supposed to be included in the ppa kernel, or is it only Intel? If it is supposed to be in the kernel it wasn't there for me.

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Re: AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 Help

Post by DavidG » Mon 7. Sep 2009, 10:40

AFAIK, the phc-k8 driver should be in the Linux-PHC PPA kernel, however it is called "powernow-k8". If you load the powernow-k8 driver, the phc_* entries should already be there in /sys/devices/....../cpufreq/
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