phc-intel 0.3.2 (dkms) with Ubuntu Mate 16.04

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phc-intel 0.3.2 (dkms) with Ubuntu Mate 16.04

Post by Mate » Sun 1. Jan 2017, 19:40

Hi guys,

I am pretty new in the world of Linux, but I have installed Ubuntu MATE (kernel 4.4) on old Core 2 Duo Machine.
Since this machine has been running RMclock.exe in windows (where I saw drop of 15C) I decided that I would like to undervolt this machine on linux also.
So I have downloaded phc-intel 0.3.2 (dkms) and I have used makefile to build the module (like it is described in documentation)... but the problem is that my ubuntu kernel has built-in cpufreq drivers so I cannot kick them out, and I would need to recompile the whole kernel for this stuff to work.
Since I never recompiled the whole kernel (and I think it would take some time on this old machine) is there somewhere some good tutorial on how to do this?
Or is it much easier just to pick another distro and reinstall the whole OS... If yes which distro is compatible with this module :D

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Re: phc-intel 0.3.2 (dkms) with Ubuntu Mate 16.04

Post by DavidG » Tue 3. Jan 2017, 21:23

You should be able to disable acpi-cpufreq and using phc-intel by adding "cpufreq_driver=phc-intel" to the GRUB linux commandline in /etc/defaults/grub, e.g.:

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GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash cpufreq_driver=phc-intel"
Are you using the latest phc-intel-pack-rev23 from

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