Gigabyte "Easy Energy Saver" (EES)

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Gigabyte "Easy Energy Saver" (EES)

Post by amay82 » Tue 22. Feb 2011, 20:03

I don't know if I got this correctly:
* Modern CPUs like AMD Phenom (II) work with varying frequencies and varying voltages where by default the voltage is automatically adjusted when the frequency is adjusted by the operating system. So the CPU automatically uses less voltage when it runs with 800 MHz in comparison to, for instance, 3.4 GHz
* With PHC, you can tell the CPU to use even less voltage for the frequency states in order to save a little bit more energy (and make it cooler etc.) So PHC is not enabling the voltage reduction feature, but only tuning it.

If this is true:
* My Gigabyte mainboard supports "Easy Energy Saver Technology". The program (which is only available for Windows) says that it reduces CPU voltage and frequency and so saves energy. It's in some way coupled with the BIOS (when I boot into Windows, activate EES, boot into Linux and boot again, the BIOS says "EES has been disabled - enable it in the EES application again").

I just don't understand it - what does it do? And what can I do? My goal is just to use as less power as possible.

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