DKMS support request for phc-intel

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DKMS support request for phc-intel

Post by psasi » Tue 21. Dec 2010, 10:26

Have you ever wondered why building the PHC module is not automated for the kernels installed by your distributions update packages? (that are usually the same version as the previous, unless you upgrade your distribution)

Well, I have, and there is a solution for that: DKMS can be used to do just that, and it is already being used by eg. nvidia, virtualbox and tp-smapi modules. I hear PHC for AMD also works that way.

Is there someone here who could do the same for the Intel module? If not, can you point me to some RTFM / skeleton DKMS packages that I can learn, how to do that?


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Re: DKMS support request for phc-intel

Post by DavidG » Tue 21. Dec 2010, 10:38

You can take a look at the phc-k8 driver, it's really not that complicated to make it work. However, the difficulty is to make it work for multiple kernel versions, e.g. for phc-k8 I had to add a lot of workarounds to make it work in 2.6.32 up to 2.6.36.
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