Is PHC also for desktop CPU's?

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Is PHC also for desktop CPU's?

Post by vampire666 » Sat 22. May 2010, 17:11

Hi there.
I couldn't find any info on what am I about to ask, so I'm sorry if it was already asked.

Can PHC be used also for non-mobile CPUs?

I would really like to undervolt/underclock my Intel E8500, so it would be really nice to know if this is a possibility.
I know that it can be done on Windows (I already did it), but I would like to do it also on Linux (I'm using Ubuntu 10.04).

Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Is PHC also for desktop CPU's?

Post by the-fallen » Sun 23. May 2010, 09:30

We are not sure because we wre not able to proof ourself (we do not have an E-Series CPU).

Some E-series have been reported to be able to undervolted, some not.
That depends on the CPU I think.

But you can easily try it. If your CPU is not capable of setting VIDs the PHC patch will tell you.

You can use one of the prepared Kernels from the PPA one of our team members created. Then jsut build the PHC module. If it does not work just uninstall the Kernel and everything is like before.

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