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Now What?

Posted: Tue 23. Feb 2010, 16:58
by gmc
Hi Folks,

I've got the Ubuntu Karmic PHC kernel installed and after much digging figured out that I needed to download, compile and install phc-intel kernel module and have the appropriate /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0/1]/cpufreq/phc_* files.

Now What ? :| The lack of a proper howto really is frustrating.

Re: Now What?

Posted: Sun 28. Feb 2010, 09:17
by the-fallen
Now you need to find out what are the best VID-Values for your system
(" how much you can undervold each speed step") and than just make sure those values are applied each time you start your PC.

You are right. Howto's are hard to find (they are all here in the forum but they are hard to find among all the other stuff).

Ihope I'll find some time (or someone) to fix that.

Re: Now What?

Posted: Sun 28. Feb 2010, 22:43
by darkbasic