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Necessary changes in Interface definitions

Posted: Thu 15. Oct 2009, 11:05
by the-fallen
In order to be able to display and use newer Intel and AMD features we need to display and handle more information through the PHC interface files.


we display VID or FID or FID:VID (depending on the file you view)


We need to display and handle
VID : a Value expressing the voltage step used
FID : a value expressing the frequency multiplier
DID : a bit expressing that the BUS-Frequency is internally halved ( 0 seems to be halved, 1 seens to be normal Freq)
HID : a bit expressing that the Multiplicator is internally halved (intel only)

A short description:
DID enables the internal halving of the BUS-Freq. This seems to be done by ignoring every second tick.

HID enables the halving of the current FID. If you use a FID "6" and enable this Bit, internally the FID is now "3". By intel documentations the FID can not be lower than 6 in a P-State (running Core) but with this bit enabled a FID can be halved while running.

The Problem we now have is to find a way to display all these informations in a logical manner so a user can understand and manipulate it easily.

It should be future-save (we should be able to add more parameters later without redesigning the interface again).

It should be independant from the CPU type (same Interface for AMD and Intel).

It should be easy to read and understand.

It should be easy to parse within scripts.


Re: Necessary changes in Interface definitions

Posted: Thu 15. Oct 2009, 18:39
by the-fallen
First suggestion made by volle85 and me

-completely rework the phc interface definitions including adding/removing sysfs files we need/do not need

-new way of displaying and reading data that will be more future-save (easily add more parameters for new functions)

a phc_controls file may look like that:

Code: Select all

FID:9 DID:1 HID:0 VID:31
FID:9 DID:0 HID:0 VID:25
FID:6 DID:0 HID:0 VID:21
FID:6 DID:0 HID:1 VID:19
Each line is an entry for one single speedstep. Paremeters can be added later if needed (for example to allow overclocking we may add OC:1) etc.

Re: Necessary changes in Interface definitions

Posted: Fri 6. Nov 2009, 18:12
by the-fallen
Update of the suggestion:
Since it does not make it harder to parse I think this is more user-friendly.

FID = Frequency ID
NIF = Non-Integer FIDs (Non-Integer Bus Ratio)
SLFM = Super Low Frequency Mode
VID = Voltage ID
IDA = marks the OP-point detected as IDA Op-point (Intel Dynamic Acceleration)

This can be extended easily to match future additions without redesigning the interface or parser and user-scripts.