Turion64 ML34 Acer 5020 series laptop (upgraded Aspire 5021)

You can write down your success stories here (temperature decreasements, power savings, etc).
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Turion64 ML34 Acer 5020 series laptop (upgraded Aspire 5021)

Post by Gele » Sun 18. Jul 2010, 20:03

Turion64 ML34, default votages are:
1.45v@1.8Ghz / 1.4v@1.6Ghz / 1v@800Mhz
Now with PHC, they are:
1.15v@1.8Ghz / 1.1v@1.6Ghz / 0.975v@800Mhz

This is several years old laptop, but upgraded w 2GB RAM it still serves me well. I didn`t want Linux as my main OS because I couldn`t undervolt till now. For XP there was RMClock and I have my own bus overclocking/underclocking utility via clock generator. So I got my stable voltages from RMClock and directly set `em under linux(ubuntu 10.x-netbook ed).
#echo "10:12 8:18 0:23" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_controls
How I did it:
Installed my wireless driver by wire. Then the PHC-generic kernel and headers came very easy by adding repositry http://ppa.launchpad.net/linux-phc/ppa/ubuntu and the kernel driver I`ve downloaded is phc-k8_v0.4.2. Installed/compiled by dkms, rebooted and got it running.
Then took phctool_0.5.2-2.tar.gz and AMD patches here http://www.linux-phc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=111 and produced patched version of the tool.
It didn`t work for my CPU, but didn`t give up - I fixed it. Ripped the doc folder to meet the 256k limit and uploaded the fixed version in the same forum thread.
Now Ubuntu is my main OS, Win XP is in virtual machine (VirtualBox) to let me use some software like Delphi6.
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Re: Turion64 ML34 Acer 5020 series laptop (upgraded Aspire 5021)

Post by DavidG » Wed 21. Jul 2010, 21:26

Yeah, finally an AMD success story... 8-)
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