Success C2Duo, Fedora11,

You can write down your success stories here (temperature decreasements, power savings, etc).
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Success C2Duo, Fedora11,

Post by the_G_from_g » Sun 18. Oct 2009, 13:34

:D thanks for this awesome toolset!
I finally succeeded as follows by horsing around with different solutions from a various number of forum-sites but eventually phc makes all the difference! :D

Notebook Acer Inspire 5720
Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 Processor (running at 1.5 GHZ)
Fedora 11, Kernel (4GB RAM)
Gnome 2.26.3

Available speed steppings via standard sensors-applets and standard /sys/ until now have been only boring 1.5GHz and 1.0GHz. Thus it's been majorly disfuckingappointing especially with regards to the high temperature levels and the mean battery capacity available according to the power consumption of the Core2 Duo Processor.

Now... thanks to I'm happy to confirm the successful deployment of the tools:

phc-intel-0.3.2-8 (offtree implementation, no need of manual kernel patching)
PHCtool V0.5.2-2 (GUI)

I especially would like 2thank u4 the offtree-version since it made it a lot easier 2b implemented on my system.

Additional good news besides the fact that the tool works great is,
that it has an even better effect than expected.

The Intel technology specifications sheet shows a minimum VID of 0.75.
However, I'm currently running on VID 0.7125 (note: the Intel documentation says 0.75 is the minimum), speed step fixed to 1.0 GHZ.

Correspondingly this value is an exact difference of VID 0.2375 and way better than I expected it to be - so that's simply awesome!

The temperature fall took effect immediately.
It used to be between
58°C (gnome 2.26.3) and firefox-txtwebbrowsing and
78°C when @full throttle.

Current values are:
51°C (gnome 2.26.3) and firefox-txtwebbrowsing and
72°C @full throttle.

Thanks again, a great advantage! :P
Keep things up and have a good time!

Cheers & c ya!

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Re: Success C2Duo, Fedora11,

Post by the-fallen » Sun 18. Oct 2009, 17:52

Hehe cool. In its very meaning ;)

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