Success with Intel T7400

You can write down your success stories here (temperature decreasements, power savings, etc).
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Success with Intel T7400

Post by b3nbranch » Mon 14. Sep 2009, 18:06

Used original speedstep-centrino patches and developed my own table for T7400,
which I then built-in to the speedstep-centrino. Was able to undervolt at full speed
(2.16 GHz) from 1.21v to 1.05v for 2½ years, until I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04.

Tried the acpi-cpufreq version from the Ubuntu PPA, but it does not work with
the motherboard's BIOS (AOpen i945gtm-vhl). However, with the source from
the Ubuntu PPA, my speedstep-centrino mods still work. :D

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