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Success on MBP C2Duo / Debian Squeeze

Posted: Wed 26. Aug 2009, 08:59
by TheBigOne
I just got this working on Debian Squeeze, running on a Macbook Pro Santa Rosa (3,1). This machine gets *really* hot really fast; to mitgate this, I have made some custom fan control scripts and detailed cpufreqd settings; however, even though this keeps the machine cool enough, I tend to lose some processing power due to the CPU being stepped down very quickly.

With PHC, using the following values, I am able to extend the temperature jump by about 5x.

phc_controls (same for both cores): 11:20 10:15 9:12 8:11 7:10 6:9 136:8

My test methodology is as follows:

1) Shut down fan controls, keep fans at a constant 2000RPM
2) Shut down cpufreqd, manually set CPUs to max (2.2GHz)
3) Run burnMMX, and see how long it takes to get from 50C (idle running temperature) to 70C (approx. when the aggressive cpufreqd scaling comes into play).

When doing this test using the default voltages, I reach 70C after about 10 seconds. Using the VIDs above, I reach 70C somewhere between 50 seconds and one minute!

I realize that this is a contrived test, and that in real life you wouldn't see such gains, but regardless I am very happy with what I am seeing.

Best to all the PHC dev team!


Re: Success on MBP C2Duo / Debian Squeeze

Posted: Sat 12. Sep 2009, 17:42
by TheBigOne
As an update to my previous post, after more intensive stress testing, I found that the values were a little low. I am now running with values 11:22 10:16 9:14 8:13 7:12 6:11 136:11 and have been rock solid for a few weeks.