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Linux from scratch 6.3 - works

Posted: Sat 1. Aug 2009, 16:07
by oldcatredhat

i'm glad to find this great forum about linux-PHC,

i have a second-hand notebook with PM 1.4GHz(banias) cpu,
by following the docs and using the patch-file in this forum,
I got a low-temperature and low-noise notebook.

i've suceecefully patched the LFS-6.3 default kernel,

#patch -p1 < linux-phc-0.3.1-kernel-vanilla-2.6.22.patch

seems this patch is for kernel 2.6.22, but it also works on

after compiling and booting into the new kernel, now i can lower my cpu's voltage(change the vids) so it will be powersaving more.
so i give the following command in the console:

#echo powersave >/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
#echo 49 46 38 30 0 >/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_vids

i felt this should work and quite satistfied with the very quiet and low-heating system, the LFS is still running fine, but i haven't tested it with heavy loads yet.

Thanks a lot, in the end.

Oh, btw...,
In China, the source based distro LFS(either the book or the LiveCD)is very popular among linux lovers, it is also my distro of choice, and i'm a Chinese linux lover.

Re: Linux from scratch 6.3 - works

Posted: Mon 3. Aug 2009, 17:59
by the-fallen
Greetings to the chinese fraction of Untervolters ;)

It's great that you made it and... welcome on board.