PHCTool2 Pre-Releses

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PHCTool2 Pre-Releses

Post by the-fallen » Wed 4. Feb 2009, 12:46

Here you will find the latest pre-releases for the upcoming release of PHCTool2.

What is PHCTool2?
PHCTool2 is -suprise suprise- the successor or PHCTool. It is a GUI, written in Python and GTK to set up values for linux-phc. PHCTool2 is able to load plugins so the functionality can be extended.

What is new in PHCTool2?

PHCTool2 is an empty Shell with a PluginManager that loads plugins.
This allows other developers to easily extend this tool of update an existing tool without crawling through all the code.
We can later easily and quickly add support for new features just by writing a plugin.

What is the current developement state?

The Shell with the plugin Manager is complete. Also the PHC Plugin that allows you to set VIDs is complete and can be tested now. Also there is an Example Plugin for developers that wants to have a look into an empty plugin frame. The Plugin to control FIDs still is in progress..

What is new in the PHC Plugin?

This Plugin is able to write a standardized configuration file. This configuration file can be used by any init script. The Syntax is Bash-Like so it should be easy to adapt existing scripts written in bash or python (and surely other script languages, too).

What is planned for the next (pre-) releases?

The PHC Plugin should be made more beautiful and easier to use. I think about displaying things in a more graphical manner. Also a plugin to manage the new features of the AMD phc-k8 module is in progress.

Can I get a pre-release of PHCTool2 and test it?

Sure. At the end you will find the latest pre-releases. Keep in mind that many things are not tested yet. Many problems I never ran in to may be not handled well by this tool. Please notice me about any trouble you run into with as many information as possible so I can fix it.

Hey I want to develop a Plugin. Can I?

Sure. That is one of my reasons to make PHCTool2 loading plugins.
BUT: The Plugin API may be altered until the final release. If you want to stay informed about changes download every new release or better: meet me in the chatroom. I will inform you and discuss any changes with you.


The PluginManager:
(29.56 KiB) Downloaded 13036 times
The PHC Plugin (Setting VIDs tab). You see the SpinButtons for each FID there and the default value.
(39.92 KiB) Downloaded 13034 times
The Settings tab for the PHC plugin. You can set up some paths here (currently in a fake-phc environment)
(35.6 KiB) Downloaded 13081 times

Pre-Release 01:
This pre-release comes with a fake phc environment. Values will be read and written to text files in the fakephc subdirectory.
You can use this pre-release to set up real values. Just alter the paths in the settings tab.

Pre-Release 02:
-Changed Plugin API
-Added Example Plugin

Pre-Release 03:
-Changed GUI of VID and FID Plugin to scroll values if they do not fit within the frame.
-smaller work here and there

Run to start PHCTool2.
(52.85 KiB) Downloaded 2354 times

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Re: PHCTool2 Pre-Releses

Post by tntprog » Sun 22. Feb 2009, 04:28

Yeah that looks great!! As soon as we'll get the Intel module instead of the Intel patch, it will be a very good package! :D

Keep going on men, you're doing great work.

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Re: PHCTool2 Pre-Releses

Post by loomsen » Sat 1. Aug 2009, 09:51

Just stumbled upon sth strange.

Klicking on PHCTool2-pre-01.tar.gz will download o.O

Obv the mime types got screwed somehow, renaming it to tar.gz works.

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Re: PHCTool2 Pre-Releses

Post by atlantis » Sun 20. Sep 2009, 23:00

it failes when it tries to detect my cpu

it only finds 2 of my 4 (quadcore, Q6600) cpus

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Re: PHCTool2 Pre-Releses

Post by the-fallen » Tue 22. Sep 2009, 20:53

I am sorry that I can not provide you with newer updates of PHCTool ( 2 ).
At the moment there is not enough time to take care of that one, too.

Until there is somebody supporting or taking over PHCTool I will focus my time on all the other things (read_msr, init-scripts, infrastructure, etc) to keep the quality there as high as possible.

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