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AMD hw_pstate_ctrl reader

Posted: Wed 27. May 2009, 23:40
by DavidG
This is somewhat like "read_msr" for Intel processors, it reads the hardware PState registers for AMD processors and reports some data that is useful for developing/maintaining the AMD driver.

AFAIK, it can only be used for Turion RM/ZM and Phenom (I/II) processors, but you're free to try and report sucesses...

You don't have to load the msr or cpuid kernel module before running this script, it does that by itself.
The script can be run by entering:

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sudo python

Re: AMD hw_pstate_ctrl reader

Posted: Wed 24. Jun 2009, 09:31
by DavidG
- recognize Phenom I/II hardware pstates
- added Power consumption calculation based on voltage and estimated current