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Posted: Wed 9. Jul 2008, 21:46
by the-fallen
Down you will find all releases ordered by type and version and some comments to it.

AMD K8 patches:
These patches supports undervolting for (probably) all recent AMD processors starting from the AMD K8 architecture. Older AMD processors are more extensively supported though, these include:
  • AMD X2 processors
  • AMD Turion64 processors
  • AMD Turion X2 processors, except newer RM-* and ZM-* processors
  • AMD Neo processors
These processors can not only be undervolted, but the driver also unlocks more frequencies to choose from and allows Black Edition processors to be overclocked.

More recent AMD processors are supported as well, but not as thoroughly: only undervolting is supported, via the /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/phc_vids interface.
  • PHC-K8 0.4.6
    PHC out-of-tree package for AMD processors v0.4.6
    (22.88 KiB) Downloaded 2328 times
    • Changes since 0.4.5:
      • Merged changes from powernow-k8 up to kernel version 3.18.
      • Removed support for 2.6 kernels.

    The automated DKMS build system can be used for this driver, just unpack this package and run "sudo make dkms_install". The module will be build automatically every time a new kernel version is installed. To uninstall, simply run "sudo make dkms_uninstall".
    Or without DKMS, you can just run "make clean all && sudo make install" and do that every time you're running a new kernel version. For more detail, read the README file in the package.

    Please support us by reporting any problems, improving the code or send some feedback

    PHC-K8 0.4.5
    PHC out-of-tree package for AMD processors v0.4.5
    (24.08 KiB) Downloaded 1941 times
    • Changes since 0.4.4:
      • Merged changes from powernow-k8 up to kernel version 3.13.
      • Keep K10 support even though it has been moved to acpi-cpufreq.

    PHC-K8 0.4.4
    PHC offtree package for AMD K8/K10 based processors
    (23.96 KiB) Downloaded 4722 times
    • Changes since 0.4.3:
      • Merged changes for powernow-k8 from up to kernel version 2.6.38.
      • Add initial AMD Family 10h and 11h support (Phenom and Turion X2).
      • Add initial support for AMD Core Performance boost.

    PHC-K8 0.4.3 (older, I'm keeping this until every external link to it has been updated...)
    PHC offtree package for AMD processors
    (22.78 KiB) Downloaded 3093 times
    • Changes since 0.4.2:
      • Merged changes for powernow-k8 from up to kernel version 2.6.36.
      • Minor fixes in dkms.conf, Makefile.

    PHC-K8 0.4.2 (for kernel versions before 2.6.28)
    PHC DKMS package for AMD processors
    (20.05 KiB) Downloaded 3811 times
    • Changes since 0.4.1:
      • Merged changes for powernow-k8 from up to 2.6.32, there's better support for the AMD Neo now.
      • Fixed Makefile bug, where the make command would hang forever.
      • Enhanced Makefile, with changes from LxP.
      • Added support for kernel 2.6.24 (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS kernel version).

    • Changes since 0.4.0:
      • Merged changes for powernow-k8 from 2.6.29 & 2.6.30, while trying to keep compatible with 2.6.27/2.6.28.
      • Fixed a bug where an invalid, too high fid could cause the driver to stop working.
      • Added support to override the maximum FID for Black Edition processors. Use "be_maxfid" to override (EXPERIMENTAL).
      • Updated module maintainer, I missed that spot until recently...

    phc-k8 v0.4.1 downloaded 626 times.
    Previous versions downloaded 369 times.

INTEL patches:
Those patches are tested with
  • Mobile Centrino,
    Atom (N2xx),
    Core/Core2 (T and P - Series)
They may also be working for other or newer speedstepping Intel CPUs.
  • phc-intel-0.4 TESTRELEASE
    Only use this if you are willing to take bugs, failure, system freezes and incompatibility to all current available scripts!
    (Ok, I hope there are no failures and system freezes but keep that possibility in mind)

    This release has the phc_vids and phc_default_vids interface known from
    the stable releases as well as the new raw interface.

    The raw interface dumps out the pstate as HEX value. There will be a
    translation software (interface shim) soon to read/write those values
    'human readable'.

    Read the included README file!
    TESTRELEASE - not yet meant for daily use
    (15.14 KiB) Downloaded 5751 times
    Include patches for Kernel 2.6.31

For Kernel version 2.6.33 and above
  • phc-intel-0.3.2-12-1 offtree
    PHC offtree package for INTEL processors (Kernel 2.6.33 and above)
    (14.07 KiB) Downloaded 13224 times
    Using this package you can build a patched module outside the kernel tree.
    (You do not need to patch your Kernel anymore)
    • Includes acpi-cpufreq.c from Kernel, and linux-phc-0.3.2
      Previous versions downloaded 507 times.

    UPDATE (-12)
    - updated Makefile - no need for "make prepare" anymore and some cleanups
    - updated Documentation
    - patchset for .34 contains acpi-cpufreq from
    UPDATE (-11)
    - added Support for Kernel 2.6.33 and 2.6.34
    - changed Makefile to get the Kernel-Version from utsrelease.h
    (Thanks to everyone trying to help with that)

For Kernel version 2.6.32 and below
  • phc-intel-0.3.2-10 offtree
    Using this package you can build a patched module outside the kernel tree.
    (You do not need to patch your Kernel anymore)

    • phc-intel-0.3.2-10.tar.bz2
      PHC offtree package for INTEL processors
      (20.2 KiB) Downloaded 10844 times
      Includes acpi-cpufreq.c from Kernel, 2.6.28,, 2.6.30, 2.6.31, 2.6.32 and linux-phc-0.3.2
      Previous versions downloaded 6848 times.
    UPDATE (-2)
    Changed install routine to name the modprobe.d - file "phc-intel.conf".
    Future releases of modprobe will need this.
    UPDATE (-3)
    Added patch-set for Kernel 2.6.29
    Changed Makefile and added bash script to check if a patch is included for the current Kernel version and selecting the matching one.
    Update (-4)
    Support for more Kernel Versions (.27 and .30)
    Update (-5)
    Replaced 2.6.30 patch to match 2.6.30-rc3-git1
    Update (-6)
    Replaced 2.6.30-rc3 acpi-cpufreq.c with final release
    Update (-7)
    Added support for 2.6.31 (rc3-git3)
    Update (-8)
    Fixed missing "!" in (thanks to pakanek for telling me that)
    Update (-9)
    Added support for 2.6.32
    Update (-10)
    - removed

Single patches (for older Kernel Versions)

Note: If you are using 0.3.1 for your Kernel it is not neccessary to update.
  • linux-phc-0.3.2-kernel-vanilla-2.6.26.patch.tar.gz
    PHC patch for INTEL processors - kernel 2.6.26
    (3.65 KiB) Downloaded 6881 times
    Tested with 2.6.27 - working correctly.
    Should also work with 2.6.28-7 Vanilla (K_O-Gnom) (micols thanks for the info)

Re: Releases

Posted: Sun 6. Jun 2010, 20:02
by the-fallen
An update happened, again.

I am sorry for breaking the last package - it included an old Makefile instead of the newest one.
No no... I am not employed at Microsoft!

Thanks for fs4000 for notifying me :)

Re: Releases

Posted: Thu 14. Jul 2011, 22:45
by DavidG
Another new version for AMD processors, now sporting support for K10 based processors (Phenom I/II, Turion II and more).

Re: Releases

Posted: Sat 28. Dec 2013, 00:12
by DavidG
Released a new version of phc-k8!

Re: Releases

Posted: Mon 29. Dec 2014, 01:31
by DavidG
Released AMD driver phc-k8 0.4.6