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by Nutterpc
Fri 7. Jan 2011, 04:38
Forum: PHC Help
Topic: ACPI Docs
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While trying to debug my EEEPC's DSDT, and in turn looking round for a fix for it, i stumbled across this, so i thought it might help
by Nutterpc
Mon 3. Jan 2011, 16:27
Forum: PHCTool Help
Topic: Intel Atom N270 Datasheet
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Intel Atom N270 Datasheet

After talking to the gentleman DonGnom in IRC, he suggested i post the Datasheet i have here for the Intel Atom N270, which lists EVERYTHING there is to know about the processor, from A to Z Im also a seasoned linux/BSD veteran, so i dont mind helpin out with new releases, gimme a release and what u...
by Nutterpc
Mon 3. Jan 2011, 15:33
Forum: Success Stories
Topic: Debian Squeeze on an Asus EEEPC 900AX
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Debian Squeeze on an Asus EEEPC 900AX

I would like to add another success story, the little eeepc listed above

The only bit which took the time to get right was the boot time script, but a bit of screamin, yellin and some coffee fixed that