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by ash1991
Sat 8. Mar 2014, 07:54
Forum: PHC Discussions
Topic: Nehalem generation support
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Nehalem generation support

There are enough info about supporting generations before Nehalem(Core2Duo, Pentium M,...) and not supporting Sandy/Ivy Bridge generations, now I want info if Nehalem is supported or not. I tried using the latest intel pack module with a script for undervolting but it seems to work only for first FI...
by ash1991
Thu 6. Feb 2014, 18:53
Forum: PHC Help
Topic: PPAs for Quantal (Ubuntu 12.10)
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Re: PPAs for Quantal (Ubuntu 12.10)

I used phc-intel-pack-rev13.1 on ubuntu raring(13.04): uname -r 3.10.14-031014-generic Compiled module: make Preparing build area for phc-intel-0.3.2: searching for patch directory... using inc/3.10 copying files patching file phc-intel.c SUCCESS. Build area ready. make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/bu...