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by tliketea
Wed 3. Apr 2013, 23:33
Forum: PHC Discussions
Topic: Status of linux-PHC
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Status of linux-PHC

Howdy and hello everyone! First and foremost I want to say, that I am a "longterm user" of linux-PHC and think this is a great and still very important project ... Now, everything was good for me till a few months back, when I got a new laptop with an i3-2350M (Sandybridge). It's not so good anymore...
by tliketea
Thu 26. Jul 2012, 13:23
Forum: PHCTool Help
Topic: mobile sandy bridge (i3): "CPU not recognized"
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mobile sandy bridge (i3): "CPU not recognized"

Howdy, I followed the linuxsolver tutorial for using PHCTool in 12.04 several times now. Everything seems to be working (no errors), but the GUI tool shows me "CPU not recognized - calculation not available" ... cat /proc/cpuinfo gives: processor : 0 vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu family : 6 model : 4...