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What is Linux-PHC
Linux-PHC is a project to enable Linux users to undervolt their CPUs.
Just like NHC or Rightmark RMClock for Windows users can lower the voltages of their CPUs to expand battery time and reduce the CPUs temperature.

This is possible because we utilize the production tolerance of a CPU.
CPUs have different production qualities so the vendor defines voltages every CPU -even those with low quality- will work with.
If your CPU is of higher quality you can easily run it with lower voltages without getting unstable.
What you will get here
In the Forum you can get informed about the latest developements, help and download the neccessary stuff you need.
We also develope a GUI named PHCTool and some supporting tools to make things easier for you.
Getting in Contact
If you are interested in our project, having questions or need help just feel free to use the forum.
You can also visit our IRC Channel (#linux-phc on to have a direct talk to us.
Supporting us
If you think you like to spend some time supporting us there is are many things you can do.
- write and translate documentations
- testing releases
- developing
- adapt patches to the latest kernel versions
- help other users
- help packaging
- help distributing (PPA, sourceforge, etc)
and many more.